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our Projects

1. CSE has become the third and most conveniently located NISM Test Centre in Kolkata. 2. CSE has introduced web based Listing Compliance module for companies listed in CSE for fast and automatic update 3. For any compliance related query mail to 4. CSE is offering the most economical & safe DP services in Town through its subsediary CCMPL. Contact 4025 3060

Our Gallery

The Calcutta Stock Exchange, which had been grinded to a halt following a Rs. 120-crore scandal involving the notorious stock broker Ketan Parekh, is throbbing again with life. Resurrected by sustained efforts of some leading citizens, the CSE is now a totally demutualized and professionally run stock exchange. Its arrangements with BSE and NSE enable its members to trade on these national exchanges as well. View Gallery

CSE Technology

On-Line Computerised Trading System in Calcutta Stock Exchange

The Calcutta Stock Exchange has implemented a fully computerised On-Line Trading System known as C-STAR (CSE ONLINE Screen-based Trading And Reporting System) in 1997. The main system hardware is a Tandem S74000 series machine with customised software prepared by CMC Ltd. for both Local Area Network and Wide Area Network to broker offices in various parts of India apart from Calcutta and its outskirts. The local area network technology used in state-of-the-Art with optical fibre cables being used to hook up individual terminals with the main system. A dual ring topology has been used in case of failure of one communication line. The wide area network works on Router/Modem through Leased Circuits. CSE uses higher end fault tolerant systems for its trading and related functionalities. It uses Integrity Non-stop S74000 systems for its online trading systems (CSTAR). The systems have been designed to deliver the best performance without compromising on key factors of availability, scalability, ROI and TCO. View More