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Recent Technological Developments

CSE places great deal of emphasis on Information Technology to strengthen its functioning and performance. 'Information Technology Division' continuously upgrades the hardware, software and networking systems, thus enabling the Exchange to enhance the quality and standard of service provided to its members and other market intermediaries.

To facilitate smooth transaction, CSE had enhanced the capability of its hardware to handle more than 10 lakh orders per day by upgrading the hardware in 2000 by upgrading its previous Tandem K series machine with presently installed S series servers.

Exchange has recently entered into an agreement to share BSE (BOLT) trading platform to facilitate its members to trade in CSTAR as well as in BSE. Thus it has enabled CSE members and investors to use world's first centralized exchange based Internet trading system, The initiative enables investors anywhere in the world to trade on the BSE platform.

CSE's website provides comprehensive information on CSE. It is one of the important financial websites in India and is regularly visited by financial organizations and other stakeholders for updates.

CSE's team of experts and professionals, along with its strategic partners have put into place several critical systems such as Electronic Contract Notes (ECN), Unique Client Code registration (UCC), Real time data dissemination - system - Datafeed, Settlement sub System.

CSE also operates one of the largest private LAN networks in India. CSE's LAN covers around 350 member offices across 40 (Forty) buildings. CSE WAN setup connects approximately 100 member offices within Kolkata and some major metros to CSE systems. Leased circuits from BSNL / Reliance are provided with TTML leased circuit backup. Hubs for local fan out of leased lines within Metros backed by high availability trunk backbone to CSE.

The trading and settlement activities of the member-brokers are closely monitored through On-line Real Time Surveillance System known as Advance Warning And Controlling System (AWACS). The system enables the Exchange to detect market abuses at a nascent stage, improve the risk management system and strengthen the self-regulatory mechanisms.

There are powerful RISC based Unix severs N-Class N9000 from HP for our Settlement and historical data retrieval systems related to trading / non-trading and related functionalities.

We use Intel 2 way server for web site, one of the best portal on information related to capital markets.

We also use Intel 2 way and 4 way powerful 32bit and 64bit servers for CSE-BSE platform sharing arrangement. It facilitates our members to trade in BSE platform and download reports.
We have recently procured SSL VPN solution from Juniper Networks. The availability of this feature will enable our Members/Clients to Trade in CSE as well as BSE Platform t