Notice for Approve Securities List for the Month of May 2023

Date : 12th May 2023







Re: List of approved securities for calculation of Margin / Collateral Deposits for BSE-CSE & NSE-CSE Arrangement in Member’s Account.



Trading members of the Exchange are hereby informed to note that the list of non-cash collaterals which are common in approved list of NSE and BSE will be considered for margin calculation in BSE-CSE and NSE-CSE arrangement. The existing approved list of shares/securities/ETF/G-Sec/Government Bond and other noncash collaterals have been changed on the basis of approve list of National Scrip notified by NSE/BSE for May’2023.


Members may also note that, henceforth single bank wise limit for submission of BG (National Bank, HDFC Bank and Axis Bank) is Rs. 50 crores.


The list of such approved noncash collaterals is enclosed.


The new approved list will be applicable from 12/05/2023.



Encl: As above.