16th July, 2010



Sub: Allotment of e-mail ids to member-brokers of the Exchange



It has been a long-standing demand from our member-brokers to provide them with an e-mail facility for a better and faster communication with the Exchange. Keeping in view the said fact the Exchange has decided to issue an e-mail id to all its member-brokers who are currently working in C-STAR and BSE-CSE Trading Platform. The salient features of this facility are given below.


1.      The Exchange will send all kind of notices and other communication in the e-mail ids allotted to the respective member-brokers. Kindly note that this is an add on facility along with the existing practice of publication of Exchange Notices through other modes.


2.      Another advantage of this facility is member-brokers can compile and store softcopies of Exchange Notices, News etc. at their end for easier and faster accessibility.


3.      The e-mail id will be in the form of m9999@cse-india.com (‘9999’ is the 4 digit CSE member code of the respective member-broker). 


4.        To access/ configure aforesaid e-mail ids please download instructions for the same from our web site ‘www.cse-india.com’.


5.      For better space management and effective utilization of the facility member-brokers are requested to access their e-mail ids and download /move/delete mails regularly from their respective mailboxes to keep enough free space to receive incoming mails


6.      Also members are requested not to share their e-mail password with any other person/ entity and change the same from time to time for security reasons.


7.      Members are also requested to use these e-mail ids exclusively for the purpose of Exchange communication only.


8.      Exchange will not in any manner be liable for any unauthorized use of these e-mail ids.


9.      Exchange in its sole discretion and at any time, discontinue/ cancel/ deactivate these e-mail ids or any part thereof, with or without notice.


10.  For any technical assistance or queries members-brokers may contact Mr Samik Bhaduri, AM-ITD (Tel. 2230-6965) / Mr Sounak Chakraborty, Executive-ITD (Tel. 2210-2207).







Instructions for set up Member-Brokers e-Mail ids        .pdf