Instructions for set up Member-Brokers E-Mail IDs:



Members can configure their E-Mail ID in their Computer using Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express as follows:


            Open Outlook/Outlook Express, 

            Go to Tools Menu ->

            Click on Accounts menuitem ->

            Go to add -> add an Mail,

            then provide following informations sequentially.


            Mail Account:               CSE Members Name


            User Information

            E-mail address:   

(‘9999’ is the 4-digit CSE member code like m0005 or m0040 or m0700 or for the member code 5, 40, 700, 1026 respectively)

            Server Information

                        Incoming mail server is a POP3 server

                        Incoming mail (POP3)    

                        Outgoing Mail (SMTP)   


Incoming Mail Server

                        Account Name   

(‘9999’ is the 4-digit CSE member code like m0005 or m0040 or m0700 etc.)

                        Password                     Your PAN as provided to CSE  (in Capital letters)



Members please note that there is an alternative arrangement been made through Webmail service to check your mail from anywhere. Please Type from any Internet browser and provide your username and password to enter to your mailbox.


All the members are allotted 10mb space in each mailbox. Members are requested to check their e-mail account daily and download/move/delete mails regularly from their respective mailboxes to keep enough free space to receive incoming mails and also change their e-mail password time to time for security reasons.


To change the password open from Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer), enter your User-id and Password, login to your account, then go to options, then go to ‘Change Your Password’ option and change password accordingly.


For any technical assistance regarding e-mail please contact ITD, CSE. (Tel. No. 2230 6965 /2210 2207/ 2230 3335)