(Letter to be given by the member on their letterhead for switch over from Fastrade to ODIN)








The Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited

7, Lyons Range

Kolkata 700 001



Sub: Letter for switch over from Fastrade to ODIN to trade in BSE-NSE Platforms through CSE.


Dear Sir,


This is to inform you that I/we would like to switch over from Fastrade to ODIN multi exchange trading solution to trade in BSE/NSE/Both Platforms. I agree to pay Rs.1899/Rs.2399 plus GST@18% as applicable per segment per terminal per year towards ODIN front-end Software charges to CSE. The following Fastrade IDs are currently used by me, which would be deactivated after the activation of ODIN terminals for me.

(Charges: Rs.2399/-per year for single segment only and Rs.1899/-per segment per year for multiple segments (two or more), 18% GST to be paid extra)


Sl.No. Member-Code Member Name                Fastrade Login-Id






No. of ODIN Terminal required:

No. of Segments Required terminal wise: BSE Cash:


NSE Cash:



Odin Admin Module is FREE (one admin Id/member).


Thanking You,


Yours Faithfully,




(Signature of the Member)