Minimum recommended configuration of Hardware & Software required for CSTAR and Fastrade or ODIN Trader Workstation/s (TWS)





(A) Minimum required configuration of Hardware, however members are free to OPT for higher configuration


Intel Pentium Dual Core, Core 2 Duo, Core i3 or Core i5 of any speed with 

·         1 GB RAM or more

·         IDE or SATA Hard Disk of 7200 RPM Speed 80 GB or more

·         101 Key Keyboard, Mouse with fast serial interface, Parallel Port etc.

·         17” Color Monitor (19” TFT preferred)

·         Inbuilt Graphics with 64 MB or higher graphic memory

·         Ethernet Network inbuilt/external of 10/100/1000 Mhz, supporting multicast

·         DVD ROM/Writer Drive

·         Sound Card with Speaker (optional)


(B) Software

·         Windows XP Professional with service pack 3 (preferred) (Original licensed copy is highly recommended) or Windows 7 Professional

·         Both 32 & 64 bit can be installed

·         Internet Explorer 6 or more (Internet Explorer 10 is not recommended)

·         Any Zip software like Winzip/Gzip etc. installed

·         Any remote connectivity software like Team Viewer/VNC/Ammyy etc. (all are single user free to download software available in the net)

·         Anti-Virus software like McAfee/Trend Micro/E-Trust/Kaspersky system etc. with latest & regular updates is a must for trading software installation and hassle free system operation.

No Free & Pirated antivirus software works properly in any large network setup like CSE, so users are requested to procure original antivirus software with proper licensing and update guarantee. CSE uses McAfee in its own setup and is recommended for members’ use also.


(C) Printer

132 - Column compatible printer



Any good online/line interactive UPS with at least 10 minutes of battery backup facility is suggested. Online UPS is preferred.





CSTAR, Fastrade Plus & ODIN are not yet fully tested in Windows 8 or any other operating system, therefore users are requested to procure and install Windows XP Professional operating system with service pack 3 only. However for licensing issue they may procure any higher version license but should install the above-mentioned version only.

CSE recommends original & licensed version of Operating System (Microsoft Windows) for smooth running of system.