10th May 2011



Sub: Allotment of FOW (Fastrade On Web) login-id for BSE Platform


All members under BSE-CSE arrangements are hereby informed that Exchange has now made an arrangement of additional facility to trade under BSE Trading Platform through FOW (Fastrade on Web).  Members can avail the said facility through Internet w.e.f. 10th May 2011. The salient features of this facility are given below:


All member-brokers who are currently working in BSE-CSE Trading Platform have been allotted login id (Username) in the form of m9999-t990 (9999 is 4 digit member code) with their respective Pan No. (in Capital letters) as their initial login password and transaction password (e.g. for CSE member code 100 the login id will be m0100-t990).


A limit of Rs.25,000/- has given to all members and members may increase the same by requesting Exchange or by giving additional margin especially for FOW. 


Since an initial limit of Rs.25,000/- is being given for FOW all members limit in Fastrade/ODIN will be reduced from Rs.2,50,000/- to Rs.2,25,000/-.


As per the limitation of the FOW, members can now trade for their Self Account only.


This facility is currently free of cost and an add-on / standby facility to the existing Fastrade & ODIN facility for trading under BSE Platforms.


Members are requested to avail the said facility through Internet by typing https://trade.bseindia.com in their browser (Internet Explorer etc.).


All members are requested to give their feedback (if any) within next 15days.


For any technical supports/ problems in FOW, members may contact BSE Helpdesk (Mumbai): (022) 2272 8080 or  (Kolkata): (033) 2282 1375.


For further clarification (if any), members may contact CSE-ITD: (033) 2210 2204 / 2210 2207.




                                                                                                                        (Chief Operating Officer)