Dated: 28th March, 2018


Re: Revision in Transaction charges for securities which are part of S&P BSE SENSEX 30 Index and Revision of ICCL Clearing Charges


Further to this Exchange Notice dated 25th July, 2017, trading members of the Exchange are hereby informed to note the following revision of transactions charges for BSE securities which are part of S&P SENSEX 30 Index and revision of ICCL clearing charges in the Capital Market Segment of BSE-CSE arrangement. 

In partial modification to aforesaid notice, the following transaction charges and Clearing charges would be applicable for the captioned segment w.e.f. 2nd April 2018.

 Scrip Group

Transaction Charges and Clearing Charges  w.e.f. 2nd April 2018

BSE Securities which are part of S&P SENSEX 30 Index 

Transaction Charges Rs. 0.00300 % on Turnover

All BSE Scrip

ICCL Clearing Charges Rs. 0.02/- Per Trade

 All Trading Members participating in Trading under BSE-CSE segment are advised to note the above revision of transaction charges and Clearing Charges.


 Dhiraj Chakraborty