Dated: 12th October, 2017



Sub: Enhanced Supervision of Stock Brokers – Uploading of Client’s Fund Balance And Securities Balance


Further to our notice dated 4th August, 2017 and dated 7th August 2017 on the captioned subject matter, all Trading Members of the Exchange carrying out transactions under CSE-BSE arrangement and CSE-NSE arrangement are requested to provide the required data for each month in Class Back Office s/w on or before 5th day of next month.

For any clarification in this matter, members may kindly contact Sri Amit Santra (Manager) at 033-4025-3011 and Sri Asis Maity (Manager) at 033-4025-3034.

Trading Members are advised to note that non-submission of the afore-said data by CSE trading members to CSE on or before 5th day of next month would attract penal as stipulated by SEBI / NSE / BSE.





Dhiraj Chakbraborty

Dy. General Manager