Dated: 24th May 2017


Re: Introduction of Usage Charges for “NOW” (NEAT on Web) for various segment s of NSE and Revision of Tariff on “New NOW“ for various segments of other Stock Exchanges.


Trading Members of the Calcutta Stock Exchange Ltd., who are using “NOW” (NEAT on Web) front end software of NSE for trading in various segments of NSE and / or BSE under the arrangement under Section 13 of SCRA are hereby informed that w.e.f. 1st July, 2017, NSE will be charging usage charges for using their “New NOW” for trading by dealers/Clients through EXE in various segments of NSE and other exchanges. 

Vide an email dated 16th May 2017, NSE has informed this Exchange about rationale for introduction of usage charges on New NOW for trading in various segments of NSE and also for revision of charges for trading through “New NOW” in various segments of other Stock Exchanges as under:

NOW Tariff (Effective July, 01, 2017)

No. of Terminals per Customer

Charges per terminal per exchange segment/month


Rs. 300* per terminal


Rs.1500 + Rs.275 per incremental terminal over 5 terminals


Rs.7000 + Rs. 225 per incremental terminal over 25 terminals


Rs.23875 + Rs.175 per incremental terminal over 100 terminals


Rs.50125 + Rs.125 per incremental terminal over 250 terminals


Rs.81375 + Rs. 50 per incremental terminal over 500 terminals


Rs.106375 + Rs 10 per incremental terminal over 1000 terminals

* Minimum of Rs. 1500 per month shall be charged for Customer falling in this particular slab only

However, investor clients who access the application exclusively through NOW WB platforms: and throughout the billing month will be given free access and not be charged.

A copy of detailed write-up along with the Annexures received from NSE in this regard are being Annexed with this Notice for information and perusal of all trading members.

Trading Members are requested to take note of the aforesaid Tariff Charges of “New NOW” and give their consent for the new Tariff by 20th June 2017 failing which, the access to the “NOW” frontend will be deactivated. 


Dhiraj Chakraborty

DGM- HR, Margin & MOP


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