January 1, 2018

N   O   T   I   C   E


Sub: Payment of Un-paid Listing Fees


To all Listed Companies


As per the provisions of the old Listing Agreement and the Uniform Listing Agreement of SEBI, you are required to pay the annual Listing Fee to the Exchange where the equity share capital of your company is listed with.


The annual listing fee on the listed companies are being charged as per the Listing Fee schedule, as available on CSE’s web-site www.cse-india.com, under “CSE Notices” under “Information Center”, for the respective years for 2015-2016 & 2016-2017. In cases of earlier years, please refer to the old Listing Agreement.


The applicable Listing Fees for the current financial year (FY 2017-18) are :



Annual Listing fees for the F.Y. 2017-2018 (exclusively listed companies)

Annual Listing Fees for the F.Y.2017-18 (listed with other Stock Exchange/s)


Amt. In Rs.

Amt. In Rs.

Annual Listing Fees :-



Companies with paid –up share capital



a)      Upto Rs. 10 Crs.



b)      Above Rs. 10 Crs. And upto Rs. 20 Crs.



c)      Above Rs. 20 Crs. And upto Rs. 50 Crs.



d)      Above Rs. 50 Crs. And upto Rs. 75 Crs.




Companies with paid-up capital of more than Rs. 75 Crores will pay additional listing fees of @Rs. 1,500/- for every increase of Rs. 5 Crores or part thereof in the paid-up share.


In view of the above, you are advised to pay the annual listing fees as per rates applicable for the respective years within one month from the date of this notice. Interest would be charged at the specified rate @18%, as decided by the Independent Oversight Committee Of the  Governing Board for Listing Functions.


This is for information and necessary action.


Please ignore the notice if all the pending dues of annual listing fees are already paid by the company.



CS Chandrani Datta