29th January 2014


Re: Advance pay-in of securities for availing Margin relief

Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that margin relief for advance pay-in of securities for pay-in obligations in BSE/NSE arrangement would be allowed to CSE trading members only for securities which are transferred into the NSDL Pool Account of the Exchange (Pool A/c No. IN656180 for pay-in obligations in BSE and Pool A/c No. IN518580 for pay-in obligations in NSE).  In the mean-time, Trading Members may note that they would not be provided any margin relief for advance pay-in of securities made into the CDSL Pool Account of the Exchange.

Trading members who are interested for availing margin benefit against advance pay-in of securities in a settlement are required to furnish the following information.

Member Code with Client Code

Settlement No.

Exchange (BSE/ NSE)

Scrip Code

Scrip Name









Upon receipt of the above information, eligible trading members would get the margin relief for their sale of securities within an hour such intimation.

Trading Members who are willing to get margin relief for sale of securities before their execution of the sale transaction are also required to furnish the above information in advance and the same would be uploaded by CSE to the concerned stock exchange and the margin relief in such cases would be governed by the policy of concerned stock exchange/s.

Trading Members are required to furnish the above information either directly to Market Operations Department of the Exchange or through email to mop@cse-india.com and copy to asismaity@cse-india.com, amitsantra@cse-india.com.


General Manager