16th December, 2014




Re: Advance pay-in of securities for availing Margin relief


Trading members of the Exchange are hereby informed that margin relief for early pay-in of securities for pay-in obligations in BSE/NSE arrangement would be allowed to CSE trading members only by fulfilling following conditions:


1.      Only upon sale of shares;

2.      Only for the scrips falling under BSE 500;

3.      For securities which are transferred into the NSDL Pool Account of the Exchange (Pool A/c No. IN656180 for pay-in obligations in BSE and Pool A/c No. IN518580 for pay-in obligations in NSE).


Members may note that the margin benefit for advance/early pay-in of securities other than BSE 500 scrips would not be available.


This notice is issued over riding Exchangeĺs earlier notices on Advance pay-in of securities for availing margin relief. This notice will be effective from 17th December 2014.