16th April , 2014


Subject: Claims against Aimco Finex Ltd.



All Trading Members of the Calcutta Stock Exchange and Investors of Aimco Finex Ltd., are hereby informed that the trading facilities of M/s Aimco  Finex Ltd.( SEBI Registration No.INB031468334, Code 1057)  a deposit based trading member of this exchange, have been suspended w.e.f. 20th February 2014 as one of its designated director has been disqualified to act as a designated director of Aimco Finex Ltd.


Further, this exchange has received some Investor complaints against this entity.  With a view to ascertain the quantum of investor complaints against Aimco Finex Ltd., claims and complaints if any are invited against this trading member from all trading members and investors of this entity and such claims and/or complaints will be received till 25th April, 2014.


Further action by the exchange as per direction of the Investor Grievance Redressal Committee and the process of disbursement of claims to the investors subject to scrutiny of documents will be initiated after 25th April 2014. Such claims or complaints should be filed with the undersigned.



Sripriya Senthilkumar

Dy. General Manager (SEO)