Dt: 8th May 2014




Re: Revision of BSE & NSE Cash and F&O Settlement Pay-in / Pay-out


Due to non-operation of Settlement Banks on 12th May 2014 owing to Lok Sabha Elections, all Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that there will not be any deffered pay-in for BSE Settlement No. 1415026 and NSE Settlement No. 2014085 (Trade Date 8th May 2014) and the entire pay-in has to be completed on T+1 day i.e. 9th May 2014.


Owing to above reasons, pay-in for BSE F&O and NSE F&O for trade date 9th May 2014 will be completed on 9th May 2014 itself.


All members participating in trading in BSE and NSE segments are advised to take note of the above and ensure that sufficient balances are available in the Settlement Bank Accounts for meeting their pay-in obligations.




DGM (Stock Exchange Operations)