February 21, 2013




Re: View Terminal for NSE FO Segment.



Members are hereby informed that the facility to obtain view terminal for NSE FO segment is available.


The members have to follow the following procedures to avail the said facility:-





“I/we, the undersigned ____________________ is a member of CSE having Member Code No. _____ & User ID _______. At present I/we regularly trade in NSE & BSE Cash Segment. I/we would further request you to provide us ‘VIEW TERMINAL’ for NSE FO Segment. The above facility will be used by me/us for the purpose of tracking market trends and not for the purpose of any trading activities.


We further undertake that if any order/ trade executed from this terminal / user ID, it will be  treated as our liability and all the expenses/penalty imposed by NSE /CSE for the said transaction will be paid by us, failing which CSE can take necessary action to recover the dues/penalty.”





General Manager

(Stock Exchange Operation)