March 19, 2013




All Members are hereby informed that CSE has implemented state-of-the-art network at its Central End by replacing the existing 100 Mbps Core Switches with 10 Gbps backbone. In line with the same, CSE will also replace all the active remote Hubs installed at memberís offices/ buildings with new switches to achieve enhanced and secured network connectivity (from the existing open network).


All concerned Members are requested to provide their co-operations and necessary supports to the representative of our network vendor CMC Ltd by allowing them to replace the old Hubs with new switches and signing the necessary documents in this regard as the maintenance support for the old Hubs will not be available after April, 2013 as per the aforesaid new arrangements.


For any further clarifications members may contact Mr. P S Mohapatra, DGM-ITD/ Mr. Samik Bhaduri, AM-ITD/ Mr Sounak Chakraborty, Executive-ITD at Tel No. 4025 3005/ 4025 3040/ 4025 3041 respectively.††




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