18th January,2013



Sub:  Intimation to members regarding availability of membership related forms at the Exchange website



Members are hereby informed that the Exchange has uploaded all necessary membership related forms at the exchange website. Such forms includes registration of brokers and sub-brokers, change requests such as change in shareholding without change in control, change in shareholding with change in control, change in designated director, change in non- designated director, change in compliance officer, change of address, change in legal form, etc.


Members can access such forms by visiting the exchange website www.cse-india.com under the Menu “Members Here “- click on Membership Forms or by visiting the link http://cse-india.com/new_web/membershipform.php


Members are hereby requested to take note of the above and act accordingly.




Sripriya Senthilkumar 

    (Dy.General Manager (SEO)