10th September 2013







Re: Uploading of company information and documents for compliance of Listing Agreement directly on CSE web-site


All Listed Companies of the Calcutta Stock Exchange are hereby informed that the Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE) had made arrangements for direct uploading of company information and documents relating compliance of Listing Agreement into the Exchange web-site at www.cse-india.com.


All Listed Companies are hereby advised to follow the following procedure/methodology for uploading of the required information in the CSE website:


After accessing CSE’s website at www.cse-india.com, please select “Listing - Listing Compliance - Upload Compliance Data”.


The login ID/user ID would be the eight digits scrip code of the Company.  For the password, the Company may contact the officials of the Listing Department of the Exchange at 033– 4025 3016 or 033-40253017.


After entering the User ID & Password, the system will ask for the PAN details of the company.  After entering the PAN details, it is mandatory for the listed companies to upload the PAN Card scan copy.


During the course of first access of the system, the system asks for change of the password.


Uploading of data relating to photographs and specimen signatures of the directors wound in .jpg format and all other data and documents would be in .jpg files.


Even after uploading the required information relating to the 3rd Quarter of the financial year 2013 14 in the CSE website, all listed companies are also required to file physical documents/information with the Exchange and thereafter, uploading of the information in the website may be considered as compliance. All the listed companies are requested to take note of the above and avail the benefits of on-line uploading of data relating to compliance of various clauses of Listing Agreement of the Exchange.