5th November 2013




Sub:  Centralized Database for Corporate Bonds/ Debentures 


To all listed companies



We want to draw the attention of all the listed companies to the provisions of SEBI Circular Ref.  

CIR/IMD/DF/17/2013 dated 22nd October 2013.


Kindly note that SEBI vide the above-mentioned circular have directed the Stock Exchanges to bring the provisions of this aforesaid circular to the notice of all the companies whose securities are listed on the stock exchange and also to disseminate the same on the web site. The salient features of the revised requirements, include the following:


 “While currently the information in respect of various bonds/ debentures issued by issuers is available in a fragmented manner and available at multiple sources such as web-sites of credit rating agencies, depositories, stock exchanges etc. it is felt that there is a need for having a comprehensive database on corporate bonds at a single place.”

“ Pursuant to consultation with various stakeholders, it has been decided to create a centralized database regarding corporate bonds which are available in demat form for public dissemination.”

All the listed companies are requested to take note of the amendment as proposed by SEBI and implement the same with immediate effect.