All Trading  members / Investors,


This is to inform you that the Defaulter Committee at its meeting held on 29th  March, 2012 , declared the under noted member as defaulter due to pay-in-default of Rs.1,08,753.19 ( Rupees One Lakh Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Three and Nineteen Paise Only)


Sl No.

Name of the Member


SEBI Reg. No.


Santosh Kumar Tulshyan

(Trade name :

 Luxmi & Co.)




According Claims are being invited from the against Sri  Santosh Kumar Tulshyan.  If any member /investor has any claim , the same should be filed at the office of the undersigned  within three months from the date of this notice.  Claims  which are not submitted within the stipulated period shall not be entertained by the Exchange.




            Dy.  General Manager ( Operation)