Members are hereby informed that for computation of net worth only one method is being accepted in all segments i.e the computation of net worth is in accordance with the method of computation prescribed by Dr. L C Gupta Committee Report. The format of the same is appended below: -

Format for Calculation of net worth for anIndividual , Partnership& Corporate Firm


The method of computation of Networth as prescribed by Dr. L.C. Gupta Committee:-


Capital + Free Reserves

Not including: - Non-allowable assets viz.,

(a)   Fixed Assets

(b)  Pledged Securities

(c)   Memberís Card

(d)  Non-allowable Securities ( Unlisted Securities )

(e)   Bad deliveries

(f)     Doubtful Debts and advances*

(g)  Prepaid Expenses and Losses

(h)  Intangible Assets

(i)     30 % of marketable securities




Includes debts/advances overdue for more than three months or given to associates.



Members are hereby requested to take note of the above and submit the net worth certificate in the aforesaid format.



Sripriya Senthilkumar