December 30, 2011


Re: Access to the Trading Platforms of BSE, NSE and/or other Stock Exchanges


All Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed to take a note of Bye-law No. 2 under Chapter XVIII of the Bye-laws (revised) of the Calcutta Stock Exchange Ltd.  The exact provisions of the said Bye-law is reproduced below for immediate reference and compliance of Trading Members who are sharing or intending to share the Trading Platforms of BSE and/or NSE through an arrangement CSE had with these Stock Exchanges under Section 13 of SCRA 1956,



Access to the Trading platforms of BSE & NSE and/or other Stock Exchanges:

Members of CSE, subject to eligibility criteria prescribed by the Board/Executive Committee, and on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed in this regard, be permitted to access the trading platforms of BSE, NSE or any other recognized stock exchange with which an arrangement has been entered into pursuant to Section 13 of SCRA. Such facility shall be available during the continuance of the said arrangements and will cease on termination of the arrangement.


A member after having availed access to NSE/BSE and or any other recognized stock exchange trading platform through CSE pursuant to arrangement under Section 13 of SCRA, 1956 cannot have multiple access to the same trading platforms/stock exchange through any such other arrangements.


A member who is directly a member of a stock exchange can not avail the facility to have access to that stock exchange through CSE pursuant to arrangement under Section 13 of SCRA, 1956.



In line with the provisions of these Bye-laws, all CSE trading members are advised to comply with the above Bye-law of the Exchange and requested to restrain from sharing the trading platforms of BSE and/or NSE through CSE while having access to these platforms directly or indirectly.




Deputy General Manager