28th July, 2011

Ref: CSE/ITD/2011/07




Sub: Charges for Additional work in LAN Buildings



All members are hereby informed that CSE provides LAN connectivity to around 40 building in and around 7 Lyons range. The LAN connectivity to these building has been provided through underground fiber optic cables, which have terminated at the local HUB situated in these buildings. At present, the initial set up cost up to two terminals is covered by the Technology fees paid by each member brokers subject to the feasibility and availability of the CSE network in respective buildings.


The members, requesting CSE to carry out any additional maintenance work as mentioned below, in the aforesaid LAN to restore / reinstall their lost connectivity at their end will bear the cost on actual (As per the billing of CMC, third party vendor and the material cost provided by CSE).


         Point wise UTP Cabling

         Shifting of HUB

         Re-Fixing of Rack/ IO Box

         FO Termination

         Extension and joining of FO cables

         Installation of new HUB

         Any other LAN or civil work (if any) required for completing the aforesaid activities


For further clarification (if any), members may contact Mr. Sounak Chakraborty, Executive (ITD) / Mr. Samik Bhaduri, Tel - 2210 2207.