16th May 2011





This is to inform all the members that as per the settlement calendar on 19th may 2011 double Pay in and Pay out for Settlement No. 2011031 and 2011032 (BSE) for trades executed on 16th May 2011 and 17th May 2011 will be done.


As per the existing practice of the exchange, CSE debits the members account on T+1 day for their pay in liabilities. However keeping in view the above mentioned double pay in and pay out on 19th May 2011, CSE will debit the member account for liabilities of Settlement No. 2011031 on 18th May 2011. For settlement No. 2011032 the members account will be debited on 19th May 2011 after the completion of pay in and pay out of settlement No. 2011031. All members are requested to make the funds available in their respective settlement account to take care of the above mentioned schedule.


Members also are requested to note that margin benefits will be given based on the completion of settlement process as mentioned above.




General Manager

Stock Exchange Operation