7th January 2011





Sub: Available of ODIN Front End Solution at CSE for BSE Platform



It has been a long-standing demand from our member-brokers to provide them with ODIN CTCL solution. We are pleased to inform all our member brokers that exchange has tied up with Financial Technologies Ltd. (FT) and set up a Central site at CSE for enabling broker members to use ODIN. The following procedural formalities need to be done to enable member brokers to activate ODIN Front End Application at their end:


  1. CSE has negotiated with FT on behalf of member brokers to provide a replacement license (ODIN) in lieu of Fastrade at a price of Rs.4,000/- per license (non-refundable) for BSE cash segment. The said amount will be debited directly to the respective members clearing account by CSE. 
  2. After completion of 1-year warranty, a fresh negotiation will be done with FT with regard to the AMC cost. The AMC amount will be debited at actual directly to the respective members bank account after receiving demand order from FT containing member broker and license details.
  3. Member interested to switch over from Fast Trade to ODIN will have to send a letter of intent to ITD in their Letterhead (format of the same is available in our website ‘www.cse-india.com’). Based on this request CSE will intimate FT for issuance and activation of the ODIN license within two working days.
  4. Once the ODIN license is activated, all the Fast Trade login Ids of the respective member will be deactivated with immediate effect for a proper risk management control at the CSE end.

5.      Members who want to do their own risk management of their additional TWSs require ODIN Multi Admn. License separately, which would cost Rs.25, 000/- extra. The request for it has to be made separately to CSE to avail the same. After activation of the ODIN Multi Admn. Software the aforesaid amount will be debited directly to the respective members clearing account.

  1. For further clarifications members may contact Mr PS Mohapatra, DGM-ITD (Tel No. 2230-3335)/ Mr Samik Bhaduri, AM-ITD or Mr Sounak Chakraborty, Executive-ITD (Tel No. 2210-2207).



(Chief Operating Officer)




Letter to be given by the member on their letterhead for switch over from Fastrade to ODIN








The Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited

7, Lyons Range

Kolkata –700 001


Sub:  Letter for switch over from Fastrade to ODIN to trade in CSE-BSE Platform 


Dear Sir,


This is to inform you that I/we would like to switch over from Fastrade to ODIN CTCL Solution to trade in CSE-BSE Platform. I authorize CSE to debit Rs. 4000/- towards ODIN front-end Software charges from my clearing account. The following Fastrade Ids currently used by me would be deactivated after the activation of ODIN front-end at my end.


Sl.No.              Member-Code             Member Name                         Fastrade Login-Id



Thanking You,


Yours Faithfully,




(Signature of the Member)