17th August 2010



Sub: Margin relief for advance/early pay-in of securities in C-Star



Trading Members are aware that presently margin relief for early pay-in of securities in C-Star is available only after the trading hours and there has been a pressing demand from the trading members participating in C-Star trading system to introduce the same during the continuous trading session also.


Upon review of the matter along with software vendor, some software changes in the trading system of the Exchange have been carried out in the Phase I of the implementation to provide margin relief to the trading members during the continuous trading session for their Early/Advance pay-in of securities for their trading in C-Star with effect from Friday, 20th August 2010.


For availing the margin relief during the continuous trading session, trading members are required to inform the Exchange about their advance/early pay-in of securities in the following format immediately after issuance of advance/early pay-in instruction to their DP.



Settlement No.

Member code

Scrip ISIN No.

Client Code








The above information should be furnished to the Market Operations Department of the Exchange at the Trading Hall either through e-mail or fax or through a letter.  Only upon receipt of the said information from the trading members, the Market Operations Department shall verify the same from the NSDL/CDSL interface and forward the information along with Client Code (by manual updation) to the software team for consideration and updation in the Trading Software. 


Once, the file is updated in the trading system, the margin updations will take place after a fresh trade by the trading member.


The Exchange is advising the software vendors to provide a front end solution wherein members can upload advance/early pay-in information instead of sending the information to MOP and the same can be matched with NSDL/CDSL early pay-in files by the software for consideration in the trading system directly without manual intervention, in the 2nd Phase.


Members may kindly note that the Exchange proposes to download early pay-in status from NSDL/CDSL interface once before the continuous trading hours and thereafter at an hourly interval till 2.00 P.M.


All communications for early pay-in of securities shall be addressed to:


Manager (MOP)

7, Lyons Range,

Market Operations Dept.

Trading Hall

Kolkata - 700 001.

e-mail           : asismaity@cse-india.com

Fax No.           : 033-2210-4500



Trading members may avail this advance/early pay-in of securities facility for availing margin relief.




DGM (Surveillance, MOP & Securities)