Dated: March 16, 2010




Sub: Charges for non-submission/delay in submission of Internal Audit Report



Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that vide Notice dated 14.12.2009 trading members were informed that they are required to submit Internal Audit Report for the half year ended September 30,2009 along with annexures, if any and management comments by December 31 2009.


Accordingly, members may please note that, non submission of internal audit report by December 31 2009 shall be treated as non-compliance and charges of Rs.100 per day after the due date till the date of submission of the report shall be levied on the member. In case audit report is not received for more that 3 months from the due date the matter shall be placed before Disciplinary Action Committee for taking suitable action. The members who had already submitted the internal audit report but after the due date will also be treated as non compliance and charges of Rs. 50/- per day from the due date till date of submission will be charged.


In view of the above, members who have not submitted their internal audit reports are once again advised to submit the same for the half year ended September 30th 2009 along with annexures, if any and management comments immediately.


In case of any queries / clarification, the trading members may contact Manager Surveillance of the Exchange.



DGM Surveillance