N o t i c e

                                                                                            3rd March 2010


Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that it has been decided to shift the CDSL Pool Account of Exchange maintained with HDFC Bank for settling securities Pay-in under BSE-CSE arrangement to Exchange’s own Depository Services.


Accordingly, the existing CDSL Pool Account No. 1301240000116378 with HDFC shall be closed on Friday, 5th March 2010 at the end of the day and arrangement have been made for opening a New Pool Account under CSE Depository thereafter.  Hence, all trading members participating in BSE-CSE arrangement are advised not to make any pay-in and or early pay-in of securities in the Exchange’s CDSL Pool Account No. 1301240000116378 maintained with HDFC Bank for the BSE Settlement No. 0910228 beginning from 4th March 2010 and onwards.


In view of the above, all Trading Members are requested to ensure that all their pay-in of securities for the Settlement Nos. 0910228 and 0910229 (Trade Dates 4th  March 2010 and 5th March 2010) should only come to CSE’s NSDL Pool Account No. IN609907 maintained with HDFC Bank.


Trading Members shall be informed about the New Pool Account for Pay-in of securities immediately after opening of the same.