29th December 2009





Sub:                Application of  Sri Mohan Lal Dhelia, Prop.of M/s. Mohan Lal Dhelia  for surrendering of SEBI Registration bearing Certificate No. INB030045616 (Business Code No. 03/093)



Members are hereby informed that an application has been received from Sri Mohan Lal Dhelia, Prop. M/s. Mohan Lal Dhelia requesting cancellation of his SEBI Registration No. INB030045616.


Accordingly, claims are being invited from the members of the Exchange before forwarding the same to SEBI for its cancellation.  If any member has any claim against the aforesaid member, the same may positively be filed at the office of the undersigned by 6th January,2010.  If no claim is received within 6th January,2010, steps will be taken to process the request of the aforesaid member for surrender of his said SEBI Registration.






(Shamik Dasgupta)

General Manager