Dated: 26th November 2009





Re: Direct transfer of margin and early-pay-in to the Exchange (CSE)



The concern of Trading Members of the Exchange regarding delay in collection and updation of Additional Margin Deposits and early pay-in of fund through Settlement Bank transfers has been seriously reviewed by the Management of the Exchange.  After a series of discussions with HDFC Ltd., the following methodology has been decided.


Trading members willing to deposit/transfer cash margin/early pay-in of fund for their trading in C-Star and or BSE-CSE arrangement may do so in the following three ways and inform the Exchange about the same through e-mail or fax to the respective department.


  1. Issue a transfer Cheque in the name of the Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited and deposit the same with the HDFC Bank for crediting into concerned account of the Exchange.


  1. Send a letter to the HDFC Bank duly signed by the authorized signatory of the account and direct the bank to transfer a specified amount to the relevant current account of the Exchange.


  1. Transfer the specified amount from trading member’s account to the concerned Exchange account through e-banking/internet banking.  For this purpose, trading members require internet banking facility and issue a one time letter to HDFC Bank for creation of CSE’s accounts as Beneficiaries / Remitter. 


The application form required by HDFC Bank is annexed herewith for ready reference of trading members.  Alternatively, trading members may approach the following HDFC Bank officials for expediting their application


Shri Abhishek Naga Ph. No. 9330253685

Shri Rupak & Shri Sujoy Ph. No. 44011906


The Exchange is also giving a letter to the HDFC Bank for receipt of the above communication directly from the Trading Members for credit of the same in the Exchange’s account.


Trading Members are requested to transfer the sums to the Exchange’s following current accounts maintained with HDFC Bank as per their requirement and inform the Exchange about the transfer to enable concerned department to check CSE’s account through internet and to update in the trading systems.



Purpose of Transfer

CSE Account Number with HDFC

Information to be given to

Fax No.

Email ID

Additional Daily Margin for C-Star


Shri A. Ghosh

Ph. No. 22104491

2210-2223/4500 /

cc to;

Additional Daily Margin for trading under CSE-BSE arrangement


Shri A. Ghosh

Ph. No. 22104491

2210-2223/4500 /

cc to,

Early pay-in of funds for C-Star


Shri S.Sur / Shri A. Guin

Ph. No. 22104488



Early pay-in of funds for BSE-CSE arrangement


Shri S.Sur / Shri A. Guin

Ph. No. 22104488




In case trading members face any problem in this regard, they may contact Shri. S. Sahoo, GM, CSE or the undersigned for doing the needful.




DGM (Surveillance)










To : HDFC Bank operations desk



Dear Sir / Madam ,


Sub:  Addition of Beneficiaries  for E-payments / Ecollections


A/C NO ( ANY ONE ) -


Please map following a/c’s as our beneficiaries / remitter on ENet


Please confirm to us once the same is completed on email id ---


Bene/Remi Code

Account Name

Account no.

Email ID




















Domain  :--








Authorised signatory