Dated: 23rd November 2009




Members are hereby informed that SEBI vide letter Ref. No. MIRSD-1/BNS/184104/2009, dated November 19, 2009 has informed that its earlier Orders Nos. WTM/MSS/MIRSD/11/2009, dated August 10, 2009 and WTM/MSS/MIRSD/25/2009, dated October 29, 2009 (passed by SEBI for non-payment of SEBI fees) shall not operate qua on any stock broker mentioned therein with effect from the date when they deposit the entire amount due from them to SEBI.


SEBI has given this clarification on the basis of modification of the order qua by the Hon’ble Securities Appellate Tribunal in Appeal No. 233 of 2009, dated 16th November 2009 filed by an aggrieved stock broker. 



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