Dated: 23rd November 2009





Members are hereby informed that the Certificate of Registration of Kailash Prasad Dhyawala (M/s K Prasad & Co., SEBI Reg. No. INB030037614, code 103) had been suspended by SEBI vide its Order No. WTM/MSS/MIRSD/11/2009 dated 10th August 2009 for their default in payment of SEBI Registration Fees.  Accordingly the Exchange suspended the member from trading w.e.f. 1st September 2009 and issued a Notice dated 28th August 2009 to the members informing about the matter.


Now, SEBI vide letter dated MIRSD-1/SK/181231/09 dated November 19, 2009 has informed the Exchange that Kailash Prasad Dhyawala with SEBI Reg. No. INB030037614 (serial No. 160) had cleared their entire dues to SEBI.


Accordingly, the suspension of the member Shri Kailash Prasad Dhyawala (SEBI Reg. No. INB030037614) is withdrawn with immediate effect as per SEBI letter Ref. No. MIRSD-1/BNS/184104/2009 dated 19th November 2009 clarifying about suspension orders passed by SEBI for non-payment of fees.




DGM (Surveillance)