Dated: -22nd December 2009




Re: Processing charges for violation of Margin limit , and inadequacy of Liquid Assets


Members are hereby informed that the henceforth no penalty up to 10 instances will be applicable. However every instance of (i) On-line deactivation of TWS  (for violation of margin limit during the trading session) and for (ii) Off-line deactivation of TWS  (when the margin obligations at the beginning of the any trading day is more than the opening margin limit.) Will attract processing / reprocessing charges along-with Service Tax, as applicable, in the following manners.


Number of instances (in a Financial Year)

Processing / Reprocessing Charges

1 to 3 Instances

Rs. 500/- per instance.+ Serv.Tax.

4 to 5 Instances

Rs. 1,000/- per instance + Serv.Tax.

6 to 10 Instances

Rs. 2,000/- per instance + Serv.Tax

Over and above 10 Instances

Rs. 5,000/-  for each instance + Serv.Tax and the matter will be referred to the Disciplinary Action Sub Committee for necessary action.


The above charges along-with Service Tax will be collected from the members by debiting their settlement   bank account.


The above fine will be effective from the opening of trading dated 23rd December 2009.




Deputy General Manager (F, A & A)