20 March 2009




Members are hereby informed that consequent upon receiving several representations from the members of the Exchange to accept Fixed Deposits as additional margin/additional base minimum capital for obtaining margin limits in trading under the C-Star.


The format in which the members are required to arrange to submit Fixed Deposits through their bankers to the Security Department of the Exchange is given below:


Managing Director & CEO

The Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Limited,

7, Lyons Range, Kolkata-700 001


Dear Sir,


We refer to Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) bearing No. <<FD No.>> issued in the name of “The Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Limited A/c <MEMBER>”


FDR No.         Issue Date              Amount          Maturity Date 



            We hereby confirm that: -


i)          There is no lock-in period for encashment of the said FDR;


ii)         The amount under the said FDR would be paid to you on demand, without demure, on or before or after the maturity of the said FDR without any reference to <<MEMBER NAME>> immediately but in no case the amount transfer time exceed 24 hour from the time of intimation of demand;


iii)         Encashment whether premature or otherwise would not require any clearance from any other authority/person;


iv)        We agree that on encashment of FDR, the Interest accrued will also be released to you;



v)         We agree that the FDR will be renewed for such periods as you may instruct and in case of no instruction the FDR will be auto renewed for the same period under intimation to you;


vi)        The FDR is payable at Kolkata.



Yours faithfully,

For _____________ Bank Limited,

Authorised Signatory”



            Members are requested to note the above and may avail themselves of this opportunity of depositing Fixed Deposits for their trading limits under C-Star.





                                                                                                    Managing Director & CEO