Dated: 14th October 2009



Re: Trading in Orissa Minerals Development Company Ltd.


Attention of trading members of the Exchange is invited to the Exchange Notice dated 8th October 2009 regarding trading of shares  of Orissa Minerals Development Company Ltd., (OMDC)  in demat mode under Trade for Trade segment.


 For the convenience of trading members the following  guidelines have been framed for trading in the shares of OMDC :


  1. Trading in OMDC will be on Trade for Trade basis that means no netting will be allowed and the sellers have to give delivery of the share and buyers have to take delivery on gross basis.


  1. As applicable in other Exchanges, trades in Trade for Trade segment will attract 100% upfront margin.


  1. Trading members may ensure that they have sufficient cash margin in C-Star for their trading in the shares.


  1. Being 17th October 2009 a banking holiday, the Exchange will accept additional cash margins on 16th October 2009 after trading hours (upto 5.00 P.M.) for their trading on 17th October 2009.


  1. For the convenience of trading members, the Exchange will consider early pay-in of securities during the on-line trading on 17th October 2009.  This will apply only for Muharrat Trading on 17th October 2009.


  1. For taking margin advantage on early pay-in of securities, trading members can make early pay-in of securities into CSE Pool Account (available only in NSDL) prior to their trading on 17th October 2009.  The Exchange will check the early pay-in of securities in CSE pool account and actual trades by members in OMDC and accordingly arrange for margin benefit on early pay-in of securities after execution of trades in the scrip.


  1. Trading members may also note that the Exchange has  a check at the order level so that orders for a value of over Rs. 10,00,000/- will not be accepted by the C-Star system.  Members may place orders in the scrip keeping this check in mind .


For any further clarifications, trading members may call the undersigned at 2210 2219 during Exchange official hours.




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