Dated: -28th March 2008




Re: Payin / Payout for Settlement No: 2009302 & 2009002 and collection of upfront margin for settlement No:2009303 / 2009003.



In view of closure of banking services due to Annual Closing of Accounts on Tuesday, the 1st April 2008, the members’ of the Exchange are requested to note and comply with the following directions.


1.            Arrange requisite funds in the settlement account for early pay – in of funds for trades executed on 31st March 2008 (Settlement No: 2009302 & 2009002) within evening of 2nd April 2008 (Wednesday).


2.         The upfront margin for trade date 1st April’2008 (2009303/2009003) to be paid within 3.00 P.M. on 31st March ‘2008.


3.         The pay out of funds and securities for the above settlement will be released as per schedule.


4.         The margin against settlement number 2009302/2009002 will be released after completion of funds pay in and securities pay in on 3rd April’2008.