25th April 2008





Members are hereby informed that the following facilities are available in connection with trading and settlement in BSE CSE arrangement: -


a)      Additional Capital can be deposited as margin in the form of

i)        Cash

ii)                   Fixed Deposit in designated Bank

iii)                 Bank Guarantee

iv)                 Shares in Demat Form


b)     Early pay-in of shares is allowed for getting margin relief.


c)      Any excess BMC after getting credit of withheld dividend/interest could be availed as margin benefit by transferring the said excess fund from CSE BMC account to BSE margin account for trading in BSE capital market segment.


d)     Balance Sheets for previous years, can now be submitted by paying a one time fine of Rs.5,000/- (Five thousand) only irrespective of the number of years for which the Balance Sheet was not submitted.