25th February, 2008

N  O  T  I  C  E


Members are hereby informed that due to all India Bank Strike called on Monday, 25-02-2008, although it was withdrawn today morning i.e. 25-02-2008 but we have already rescheduled our settlement schedule on 23-02-2008 for Settlement No.2008523 & 2008223 and Auction No.2008820 as per NSDL/CDSL system.


In view of the above following measures have been taken.:-


1)     Pay-in and Pay-out of funds for trade executed on 21-02-2008, Settlement No. 2008523 and 2008223 to be deferred to Tuesday, 26-02-2008  (instead of 25-02-2008).


2)     The Securities Pay-in and Pay-out for Settlement No. 2008523 and 2008223 would be held Tuesday, 26-02-2008 (instead of 25-02-2008)


3)     Pay-in and Pay-out for Auction Settlement No. 2008820, Auction date 21-02-2008 to be deferred to Tuesday, 26-02-2008 (instead of 25-02-2008)


4)     Auction No. 2008823 will be held on 27-02-2008 (instead of 26-02-2008) and payin-payout of funds & securities for Auction settlement no. 2008823 will be held on 29-02-2008 (instead of 28-02-2008).


5)     Margin for Settlement no. 2008523 and 2008223 to be released on Tuesday, 26-02-2008 (instead of 25-02-2008) after completion of payin of the aforesaid settlements.


Member are requested to follow the revised schedule for Pay-in / Pay-out and release of margin as mentioned above.