Dated: 3rd July 2008





Trading members of the Exchange are hereby informed that the Whole Time Member of SEBI vide its Order No. WTM/TCN/ERO/17/July/2008 dated 2nd July 2008 had directed that the certificate of registration of M/s Sanju Kabra, having SEBI Registration No. INB 031127419 be suspended for a period of four months (4 months) and further directed that the period of suspension already undergone by M/s Sanju Kabra, vide SEBI order dated 29th September 2005 would be set off against the said period of four months.


In view of the above directions of SEBI the indefinite suspension of M/s Sanju Kabra, which started on 30th September 2005 shall end on 2nd July 2008 as they were already under suspension for more than four months.