Dated: 3rd July 2008







Re: Trading in scrips where Market Lot is over One in FasTrade

(BSE-CSE Arrangement)



Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that the Exchange has received requests to enable trading in scrips whose Market Lot is over One Share in FasTrade under BSE-CSE arrangement.  Although, this facility was available earlier, due to operational problems in receiving and delivering physical scrips from/to Mumbai, the facility had since been withdrawn.


Now to enable Trading Members to sell securities in Demat form whose Market Lot is over one share, the Exchange is enabling only “selling mode” in all securities whose Market Lot is over 1 (one).


Trading members are requested to exercise extreme caution while selling securities whose market lot is over 1 as they can only sell such securities which are in demat only.  The Exchange shall not take any responsibility for receiving physical securities (Securities which are not dematerialized) from Trading Members and delivering the same to BSE Clearing House.  Such sales if any executed by Trading Members shall be closed-out as per the Rules and Regulations of BSE.




D.G.M (S & BDP)