September 24, 2007


N  O   T   I   C   E



Members are hereby informed that SEBI vide its order No.SEBI/LE/104533/2007 dated 21st September, 2007, sent by fax, under cover of its letter No.MRD/DSA/CSE/BKG/104531/07 dated September 21, 2007 received by the Exchange on 21st September, 2007 in the evening has appointed Shri Sunil Mitra,IAS,Principal Scretary, Department of Power & Non-Conventional Energy Sources,  Govt. of West Bengal as Administrator of the Exchange in place of Shri T. K. Das, IAS (Retd.). Shri Sunil Mitra shall exercise and perform all the powers and duties of the Committee during the period of supersession of the Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Limited.


The order of the appointment of Shri Sunil Mitra, IAS has been displayed on the Notice Board of the Exchange.



                                                                                                                        ( Secretary )

                                                                                                                The CSEA Limited