December 17, 2007




All Members are hereby informed that they can now obtain wide area connectivity (WAN) for their trading purpose under C-STAR / BSE Trading Platform (new arrangements) through Channelised E1 (128 kbps) leased line connectivity as per the following arrangements.


(1)   For getting new leased line connectivity under aforesaid facility, interested members have to apply for leased line connectivity to BSNL (where BSNL will provide the necessary Modem) and have to purchase and maintain the router on their own as per the specifications mentioned below. After necessary coordination with BSNL and purchasing their own Router, members have to submit copy of their BSNL application and router details to CSE along with their application specifying their installation address. After the leased line is thru at both ends (i.e. A end at members’ office and B end at CSE), CSE will arrange for installation of necessary front-end software.


(2)   The existing members already having 64 kbps connections may make their leased line operative after necessary co-ordination with BSNL with the same router provided by the Exchange earlier. It is recommended that the line be upgraded to 128Kbps. However, the maintenance support for these old router-modems will be provided by CSE upto March’2008. Otherwise they may apply as per the new arrangements mentioned in point no. (1).


(1)   Connectivity under 9.6 kbps Leased line will not support BSE Platform and also the service of the same will be withdrawn from 1st April’2008 onwards. Existing interested members to trade in BSE Platform may obtain the aforesaid facility as per point no. (1).


Specification of Router (as per point no. 1)

CISCO Router (Model 1841)

(with 1 no. Serial port & 1 no. ISDN Port)

Vendor : M/s. HCL Comnet (Tel. No. 2281-1112/13) preferable or

               as per members’ own choice


For any further clarifications members may contact Mr. P S Mohapatra, DGM-ITD/ Mr Samik Bhaduri, AM-ITD at Tel No. 2210-2204/ 2007.