Dated: 12th March 2007



Memberís attention is hereby invited to the Exchange Notice dated 30th September 2005 in reference to an ad interim exparte order, dated 29th September 2005 of SEBI directing M/s D.B. & Co., and certain other brokers not to buy, sell or deal in securities in any manner either directly or indirectly, pending investigation and further directions for their indulging in transactions in small cap/penny stocks for creating unusual price movement in a manner detrimental to the investors and securities market.


Subsequently, after completion of the investigation into the trades of M/s D.B. & Co., in Prime Capital Markets Limited,SEBI vide its Order No. WTM/GA/123/ERO/1/07 dated 17th January 2007 had imposed a major penalty of suspension of the certificate of registration of M/s D.B. & Co. INB 030067311, for a period of two years and further directed that the period of prohibition already undergone by D.B. & Co., vide SEBI order dated 29th September 2005 would be set off against the said period of two years.


In view of the above directions of SEBI the indefinite suspension of M/s D.B. & Co., which tarted on 30th September 2005 shall continue till 29th September 2007.



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