Dated-7th November ’ 2007



Sub: Advance Margin Payment for Trade date 9th November 2007 on the “Muhurat Tarding on Friday (Bank Closure)


In view of “Muhurat Trading on account of Diwali and Bank Closure on 9th November ‘2007 it is necessary to neutralize the liabilities of pay in of funds and securities of settlement No: 2008451 & 2008151 before resuming the trading of clearing No: 2008453 & 2008153 on 09-11-2007.


In view of the above, it is proposed that the following measure to taken as a risk containment measure and to facilitate trading on the Friday 9th November ‘2007.


1.      Demand early pay – in of funds on 8th November’2007 evening for trades executed on 7th November ’2007 (instead of Monday, the 12th   November ’2007, as scheduled) as per funds payable statement generated by the C star system.

2.      Based on completion of early pay in of funds received from clearing banks and early pay in of securities status for Settlement No –2008451 & 2008151 received from NSDL on 8th November’2007, the Exchange may release the margin deposits of trading members who have completed their aforesaid pay in obligations in full on 8th November’2007.

3.      The upfront margin for trade date 9th November ‘2007 will be accepted upto 2.30 p.m on 8th November ‘2007 instead of 9th November ‘2007.

4.      The pay out of funds for the settlement 2008453 & 2008153 will be released on 13th November’2007 as scheduled.

5.      The pay out of securities for the settlement 2008453 & 2008153 will be released on 13th November ‘2007 as scheduled.