26th September 2006





Re: Payin / Payout for Settlement No: 2007425 & 2007125 and collection of margin for settlement No:2007427/2007127


In view of closure of banking services due to Bank’s Half Yearly closing on 28th September 2006, the member’s of the exchange are requested to note and comply with the following directions:-


1.      Arrange requisite funds in the settlement account for early pay –in  of funds for trades executed on 26th September’2006 (Settlement No: 2007425 & 2007125) on 27th September'2006.

2.      Make early pay – in of all securities for settlement No: 2007425 & 2007125 on 27th September’2006.

3.      Based on completion of early pay-in of funds and securities from clearing banks and NSDL respectively on 27th September’2006, the Exchange shall release the margin deposits (for settlement No: 2007425 & 2007125) of members who have completed their aforesaid pay in obligation in full.

4.      The upfront margin for trade date 28th September’2006 will be accepted on 27th September’2006 upto 2.30 p.m. instead of 28th September’2006.

5.      The pay out of funds for the above settlement will be released on 3rd October’2006 as scheduled.






Secretary and Acting Executive Director