26 December 2005





Re:            Identification of BMC securities


Members attention is drawn to the Exchange’s Notice dated 13. 07. 2005 regarding the identification of BMC securities in members security deposit account.


In the above Notice members were requested to submit a written list specifying clearly the deposits in the form of Cash,            Fixed Deposits and Securities as the cases may be which shall be considered for BMC. All other deposits in excess of BMC, if any, shall be considered for ABMC.


It is observed that very few members have complied with the requirements of the aforesaid Notice of the Exchange.


Members who have not yet responded, are once again, requested to identify their preference for segregating  BMC and ABMC within ten days from the date of this Notice, failing which the Exchange will be constrained to segregate the deposits as the Exchange deems fit. In the process, if necessary, the existing shares lying in the members account in the form of pledge would be invoked and Fixed Deposits may be encashed prematurely for transferring the same to BMC account.