Dated: 13th July, 2005




RE: Identification of BMC securities


Members are hereby informed that during the course of inspection of Exchange records SEBI has observed that the Exchange has not segregated the deposits made in Base Minimum Capital (BMC)/Settlement Guarantee Fund (SGF) and Additional Base Minimum Capital (ABMC).  Accordingly members are requested to clearly identify the deposits which shall form their BMC/SGF deposits.


Members are requested to contact Manager Securities of the Exchange within ten days from the date of this notice and give a written list specifying clearly the deposits in the form of cash, fixed deposits and securities as the cases may be, which shall be considered for BMC/SGF.  All other deposits over and above the BMC/SGF deposits if any shall be considered as ABMC.


Members are further informed that it may not be possible for the Exchange to provide them with the facilities related to BMC/SGF and ABMC if they do not clearly specify the same.