Members may refer to the Exchange's notice dated 25th October, 2004 and 27th December, 2004, whereunder, the last date of submission of Audit Report for 2003-04 with fines as stipulated there, was specified as 31.01.06. SEBI has observed that   it is beyond the maximum permissible period for extension prescribed by the Government of India. Members are, therefore, hereby advised to submit the Audit Report for the year ended 31.03.04 to the Surveillance Department only along-with the following documents and fines as specified, within 25th July, 2005:-


1.       Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account for the financial year ended 31.03.2004 along-with the all annexures and schedules.

2.       Details of Bank Account such as name, account no., address and balance as on 31.03.2004.

3.       Details D/P accounts such as name, account no., address.

4.       The addresses of any immovable property held by them as on 31.03.2004.


TWS of the members shall be switched-off in case of failure to submit the Audit Report within the specified date.

This modifies the Exchange's notice dated 27.12.04 in so far as it concerns the last date for submission of Audit Report for 2003-04.